Malta Nomad Residence Permit

A Brief Overview

The Nomad Residence Permit permits individuals to continue working at their existing job located in another nation while living legally in Malta. The Permit is available to anyone who can use telecommunications technologies to work remotely and without regard to location. Digital nomads from the EU are already hosted and welcomed in Malta. This group of entrepreneurial ex-pats takes advantage of the island vibes of Malta, a nomadic lifestyle, business networking opportunities, and cultural encounters. Individuals from third countries who would typically (but not always) need a visa to visit Malta are eligible for the Nomad Residence Permit. If the applicant still satisfies the established eligibility requirements, Residency Malta may decide to extend the permit upon application for an additional year.


Any of the following three categories, which apply to third-country nationals working remotely from Malta, may submit an application for such a permit:

  • possess legitimate travel documents.
  • possess a health insurance plan that covers all potential dangers in Malta.
  • own a legal lease or purchase agreement for real estate in Malta.
  • pass an investigation into your background.
  • follow the guidelines for obtaining visas and other requirements.


In addition, to be qualified for this permit, the applicant must have a gross monthly salary of at least €2,700.

Additional Information

Each applicant and each member of their family must pay a non-refundable application cost of €300 at the time of application and renewal. Visa-related fees are not included in the application fee.


After the application is submitted in its whole and with all necessary supporting materials, it should be processed within 30 days.